Healthy Alaskans 2030 Public Comment

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Healthy Alaskans 2030 Public Comment

It's Time to speak up...for the children of our Great State, for future generations and for a Healthy Alaska!

Below you will find the Public Notice for the draft State Health Improvement Plan, Healthy Alaskans 2030.  This document which can be found HERE will guide the Public Health choices of Alaska for the next 10 years.  While I am confident that my Hemp for Healthcare plan will address most of these concerns there is one in particular that I need your help on right NOW.  If you go to page 88, you will find the following information:
Strategy 6 Implement child welfare compacting
Action 1 Remove barriers to establishing child welfare compacting.
Measure Existence of child welfare compacting.
Timeframe 2020-2025
• State of Alaska, Office of Children’s Services
• Tribal Health Orgs

In response to Objective #28: Reduce the percentage of repeated substantiated child maltreatment within 12 months, is this strategy.  What is Child Welfare Compacting?  It is a fancy word for Human Trafficking.  It is taking children from their parents and siblings and sending them to the Lower 48 never to be reunited with their families again.  This must stop and it will take a solid stance from Alaskans to stand up for Families in our State and Healing of the broken. So please review this Report and make a comment by Friday! The future health of our state, our people, and our children depend on this!  Don't let them traumatize children and send them to other states! 
Promote the support of more foster scenarios in the state! 

Public Notice:

The Alaska State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), Healthy Alaskans 2030 (HA2030), co-led by the Alaska State Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) is the only SHIP in the nation that is led by a state/Tribal partnership. HA2030 brings together partners from many sectors across the state to improve health and ensure health equity for all Alaskans through shared understanding, united efforts, and collective accountability. The SHIP is currently transitioning from HA2020 to Healthy Alaskans 2030 (HA2030). Multiple Healthy Alaskans teams, workgroups, stakeholders, and partners have actively engaged in the development of Healthy Alaskans 2030. HA2030 consists of 30 health objectives for Alaska, each with its own target for improvement to reach by 2030 with an overall vision of “Healthy Alaskans in Healthy Communities.” Learn more about Healthy Alaskans here.

You may comment on the draft State Health Improvement Plan by submitting written comments to the Department of Health & Social Services by electronic mail at The comments must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 18, 2020.


Public Testimony for the Healthy Alaskans 2030 Report:

Dear Healthy Alaskans Steering and Core Teams,

Thank you so much for your dedication to the future of health of Alaskans for generations to come. Your work on this report is extensive and admirable. 

My name is Sara Williams, I live in Wasilla, and I am Founder of Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska.  My mission for Alaska is to build our Great State into a Hemp based economy where we grow and process everything our people need to create self-sustainability and economic independence for Alaska. Then tax that industry as well as direct profits from to the to be created Healthcare Fund that will fund Healthcare for ALL Alaskan residents. My initiative has answers already built into the plan that address all of the objectives within this report. I would be honored to be give the opportunity to share my plans with you and work together on healing Alaskans.

Regarding the Report and my public comment, I would like to address  5 areas of concern for the future health of Alaskans that are contained in your document.

  1. Addicts are Not Criminals: I found it interesting that your response to decreasing alcohol mortality and tobacco use was to increase taxes. This assumes that if the product is more expensive people will not buy it and thus become negatively impacted by it resulting in death. In an opposite approach when it comes to drug mortality where you chose to advocate for more laws thus turning users into criminals and overpopulating our prisons with simply broken Alaskans and addicts who need love, compassion, support, and a way out of their darkness not to be called a criminal for a use of a substance to escape their pain.
    1. This approach does nothing to address the core reasons for addictions and why people use substances to escape their problems. I see that other strategies seek to provide more mental health services and compassion based approaches but I actively encourage you to not encourage more laws or more criminalization of addicts.  Addicts are not criminals.  They are human beings who are broken and need love, compassion and support not to be thrown in jail and have lives further destroyed.
  2. Props for Pre-K Education: Thank you so much for the Strategy suggestion of the Universal Pre-K Education system! I believe that we need more opportunities for children to become universally educated at younger ages. I personally and my son have benefited from the ChildFind program with the MatSu School District. Our children need better education options earlier in life. This is a great strategy suggestion!
  3. Faith Based Recovery: I noticed throughout the report there was a focus on “evidence-based” programs. I would like to state that “faith based” programs have an equal if not more effective rate of success in healing people from mental and physical health issues as well as a longer effectiveness period. As someone who is 13 months sober off a deep medical dependency and addiction to cannabis due to a chronic mental and physical illness of which our Healthcare System was ineffective to help, previously homeless and unemployed, I have seen tremendous redemption, restoration and healing in my mind and body, living situation and employment since I came to know the Lord and have became healed through recovery groups like Celebrate Recovery and Transformations at Kings Chapel.  I encourage a greater focus on Faith Based initiatives and working with the Faith community to heal our people.  That will be the only healing and recovery that will last for our people.


  1. Food Based Legislation: Food is medicine. It is the first substance that we put in our bodies and it is the most controlling substance of our lifetimes. The food choices found in our grocery stores are full of chemicals, artificial ingredients and sugar.  All substances that lead to negative mental and physical health problems.  Nowhere in the strategies listed or objectives did I witness that your team is standing to lobby or encourage or improve upon the food security and food safety for the people of Alaska. I do see focus on nutrition for 3 year olds and for the youth but if the actual food we feed them in our schools is full of artificial ingredients, sugars and chemicals because that’s what it is now then we will perpetuate the problem as the youth grow to adults. Also there is nothing in the objectives regarding Food and Nutrition for Adults and healthy eating for children begins at home with parents who choose healthy choices.  I also do not see much attention made to nutrition when discussing mental health, addictions, or recovery thereof. We need a Healthcare community that stands strong behind policies and objectives that ban artificial substances and severely reduces the most addictive substance of them all, sugar. In other civilized countries it is prohibited to allow artificial ingredients into the food supply and in some places they even levy a sugar tax because of the known negative health effects of this substance. We need a stronger presence for Alaskans in this health area.


  1. Stop Human Trafficking/Child Welfare Compacting: On page 88 of this report you indicate a support stance and to remove barriers to child welfare compacting. This practice executed by the Office of Children’s Services is horrific. It allows our government officials to take children away from their families, split them up from siblings and send them to homes in the Lower 48. This is an awful practice that destroys the hope of families. This is wrong. By supporting this practice you support that no matter how broken the human being is that they should have their child removed permanently and that there is no hope for recovery. You support the traumatization of children who lose their mothers, fathers and their siblings overnight. You support a system that keeps people in fear. You support a system that is money driven and broken where children become numbers and metrics instead of human beings with souls and purposes. You do not support a system that keeps families together and focuses on providing truly Emergency Medical Attention. Systems that support all humans at all levels of brokenness and healthcare needs mentally, physically and spiritually. I advocate strongly for the removal of this Strategy from the plan. We must realize that God gave that mother and father that child and it is up to us as a community to rally around our fellow community members, lift them up, help them heal and fight their own battles instead of increasing the pain and suffering with programs like this. Please remove this “Strategy” from your approach.


Thank so much for your consideration of my opinions into your development of this guiding document.  My Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska initiative addresses a Healthy Alaska and has the plans in place to create a healed and whole people.  Please reach out to me at or 907-887-6130 with questions or for more information.  Thank you again for all of your hard work on this initiative.


Sara Williams

Founder, Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska
(907) 887-6130

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