Alaska’s Fair Share- Why Vote Yes on 1

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Alaska’s Fair Share- Why Vote Yes on 1

Do you like living in fear? Do you like being controlled by the people who have money and are in power? Do you like living in suffering and poverty while you witness others get an unfair share of the wealth?

If you answered No, then it is time that you are aware that all of these No on 1 advertisements are rooted in fear and control of you as Alaskans. 

Let’s start at the beginning.

What are Ballot Measure 1 and the Alaska’s Fair Share Act?

Simplified: Here in Alaska we have 2 primary economic drivers. Oil and Tourism. Oil and Fossil Fuel production is the primary economic driver of our state. The Oil companies agreed to pay an oil tax as a “thank you” of sorts back to the Alaskan people for letting them drill for, process, and sell the oil that is located in our Great State.  In 2013, SB 21 was passed which allowed billions in tax credits for the Oil Companies in return of promises of jobs, investment to infrastructure and more revenue.  In reality we have seen less revenue, statewide job loss, and lower PFD’s every year.  All the while the C Suite Executives have brought home million dollar salaries while each Alaskan has missed out on an equivalent of $7,000.  Our PFD dividends were also cut to subsidize corporate welfare.

Get the Facts Here:

Why Vote Yes on 1


The No on 1 campaign has done a seemingly professional job of creating a beautiful campaign that is rooted in FEAR. Fear of jobs lost.  Fear of economic destruction.

Fear of what the oil companies will do to Alaskans if they have to pay their fair share of tax revenue back to the state of Alaska and her people by creating fear that they will leave Alaska.  

Fear of what will happen if oil company executives have to experience a pay cut off their million dollar salaries. This has got to stop.  Alaska deserves better.

Take 13 minutes out of your day to watch this video that explains all of the reasons why we as Alaskans MUST demand better from the companies that use our resources to make profits. 

Why Hemp Remains Hope for Alaska’s Future

Oil is still not the future of Alaska or the World.  Fossil Fuel production is being shunned at all levels of society from banks to religious organizations. Recently, the Vatican came out in favor of advising Catholics to divest out of fossil fuel production. 

The people are waking up!  Oil is NOT ALASKA’S FUTURE!


Hemp remains the true potential that Alaska has to create her own self-sustainability and economic independence all from the Last Frontier.  We have a blank canvas to build a Green Infrastructure that can be the envy of the World if we simply stop believing that Big Daddy Oil is here to take care of us.  Because they are not.  They are here to use our resources, make as much money as they can and watch our people suffer while they enjoy their multi -million dollar homes and never miss a meal. All the while our children experience homelessness and starve. Our people have poor healthcare and experience extreme poverty and substance addiction.  

Alaska deserves better.  Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska is poised to develop and implement those strategies that will heal our people and heal our economy with Hemp. If you support our mission please #Buyhemp here at and support the development of the Alaskan Hemp Industries by investing in Hemp Farms, Hemp Processing Plants (we have a planned project going here in Wasilla for a 37,000sq ft. plant) and by purchasing Hemp products on Currently, 80% of the profits we make go back into advocating for and building Alaska’s Hemp Industry and 20% of our profits go towards providing plant based medicine for the people of Alaska.

One day we will build a system that provides Healthcare for All Alaskans.

Stop living in fear. Stop believing the propaganda that Oil Companies will choose to destroy Alaska’s economy if we vote Yes on 1.

Alaska and her people deserve a fair share!

Hemp is also our Hope.  We have a backup plan! There is no need to fear!

Get out and vote and start moving revenue back into our state to care for our people who need it most!

Visit to learn more about how to support the campaign to make sure that Alaskans get their fair share! #endthegiveaway #alaskasfairshare


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