Announcing Green Friday!

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Announcing Green Friday!



Good morning esteemed citizens of the planet,

 Today is Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020.  This is a day in America where traditionally we celebrate with a feast to honor the day the Native Americans saved the Pilgrims from starvation and showed unification with and acceptance of the newcomers to their land.  Later we would become a people who massacred millions of Native Americans and destroyed their culture by insisting that they assimilate into ours.

The humans of the Wampanoag Tribe were gracious and kind as the Great Spirit led them to share their harvest with the immigrants.  America would never have grown into the superpower that she has become today if not for that one act of sharing a meal. On that day there were no turkeys, ham, mashed potatoes or candied yams, and no green bean casserole. Instead they shared ducks, bread and corn.

399 years later, America is broken.  A country with a laundry list of sins in need of repentance. Slavery, murder and greed to name a few, the American people have a rich history of trampling on or eliminating others to get what they want.  Oh the joys of capitalism.

As a result, America has become the richest nation in the world; holding $21.34 Trillion of the $88 Trillion of the Global Gross Domestic Product as of 2019. We are also $28 Trillion in debt. (

In financial terms that makes America insolvent and unable to pay her debts much like the majority of her people right now.

The Good News is that we have Hope. Not only in the Hope of the very King Jesus and God who has blessed America from that first Thanksgiving Day 399 years ago but every day since then.

We also have Hope in the Hemp Industries of America to create radical planet saving change for the economic stability and independence for our country and our people.

America has sold her soul for profits to other nations over the years and it is time that we bring home our ability to provide for ourselves and to create products that no longer harm the planet but instead heal her.

As we heal our planet we must also heal our people. With poverty rates skyrocketing due to COVID 19 we must take action NOW to invest in systems and people to save our country. We need Green Infrastructure for each state and we need Healing Facilities and Healthcare for Everyone.

We must come together in this time in gratitude for all that God has done and support for a new America. One that puts people over profits NOW so that later a healthy society can pull us out of this darkness.

Hemp for Healthcare in America is launching a new annual sales event called Green Friday and the Hemptastic Holiday Savings Weekend where instead of celebrating the saving of the Pilgrims with a “Black” Friday that serves the spirit of money and bows down to the altar of greed instead we are celebrating a vision for a Greener and Healed America.

#BuyHemp on this weekend and enjoy a 20% off or even more storewide and with our affiliates.

We support a Green America that leads the way in the global innovation of the Hemp industry.  Please support us and use your dollars for good as all profits are used towards the responsible, efficient and spirit filled advocacy and execution of the Hemp for Healthcare in America mission.

Together we are stronger.

Together we are wiser.

Together we are powerful.

Help us #SaveAmerica today!


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