Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise: Here is my answer!

On LinkedIn today I read the headline: Americans spend more on Healthcare (Read the article here:

I have some answers! 
First, as a country we must stop allowing artificial ingredients and chemicals in our food supply.
Next, we must come together with global awareness regarding the vital importance of the connection between a healthy population in mind, body and soul will produce a prosperous society.
Finally, we must find a way to break the bondage of the way insurance companies rule our doctors and their ability or inability to practice comprehensive Healthcare solutions for our people.

I have the answer to that as well with Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska. The raising up of our Hemp industry to make all we need as a people and taxing it to pay for Healthcare for all Alaskan residents. But in order for this to succeed we must create Facilities of Healing that are plant based medicine and healing focused where doctors have freedom to practice whatever medicine will heal their patient in mind, body and soul.
The current Healthcare system fails because it is profit driven not patient driven and it ignores the soul. Together we can change this! Will you help me?
Learn more here: and donate to my mission here:
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