Hemp Houses for the Homeless Program

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Hemp Houses for the Homeless Program

Hemp Houses for the Homeless Program

Homelessness: the state of having no home.  Homelessness is defined by Wikipedia as living in housing that is below the minimum standard or lacks secure tenure. Examples of homelessness include living on the streets, in a tent camp, couch surfing, in shelters, under bridges, in vehicles, in uninhabitable houses, or any other place that is a temporary or nomadic situation.

According to this 2018 report by the United States White House on any given night over half a million (500,000) people experience homelessness with 35% non-sheltered and 65% sheltered. As this report was 2 years ago and the population is such a nomadic one it is difficult to experience accuracy in this number.  The economic decline for many and the COVID19 pandemic has increased this number and we will continue to see a rise in this number due to damage from the riots and as people are evicted from their homes due to foreclosures and jobs are transitioned into the new world economy.

Each State must manage and care for their own homeless populations by taking responsibility that the society we created influenced that human being towards homelessness. While in some cases homelessness is a conscious choice for that individual because they choose to leave a toxic or dangerous situation. Sometimes it is due to job loss or the inability to find a living wage. Sometimes it is due to not wanting to have the responsibility of managing a home. In the majority of cases however, homeless populations have been disenfranchised from the “system” and those who experience chronic homelessness have lost hope that they will ever be able to experience stability and a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in or regular food to eat. It is extremely difficult to focus on your healing when you are living in a constant state of survival and hopelessness. Hemp for Healthcare in America provides a solution rooted in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

The third piece of the Hemp for Healthcare in America initiative is the Hemp Houses for the Homeless Program. A program that is dedicated to supporting the Hemp Industry through the innovation and purchase of building materials and interior home furnishings in order to build houses made from Hemp and dedicated to healing some of the most vulnerable among us: the homeless. As a human species, we are as sick and broken as the sickest and most broken among us. It’s time to recognize our displaced populations as simply broken human beings who need deeper levels of healing and support.


To provide housing for men, women, and children who are in need of a place to recover, heal and grow into their higher purpose for their lives. Housing that provides love, compassion, therapy, food, shelter and spiritual training to equip the people for the battles ahead and to help them discover their highest purpose.

Phased Approach to Success

Phase One: Build

The first phase of the program is to construct the houses using as many Hemp materials as possible.  For example, hempcrete, hemp insulation, hempwood, hemp carpet, hemp paint, hemp mattresses, hemp furniture and hemp window coverings. In an effort to support the development of the Hemp Construction Division Industries of each state these homes will be constructed using as many products as possible that are hemp based or plant based in order to create structures that are long lasting, durable, mold resistant, fire resistant, and carbon negative.

The use of Hemp instead of Trees to construct houses will lead to less deforestation and improve the health of our planet through not only the growth of Hemp to make these products but also the preservation of our trees. This phase of the program will also create construction jobs for Americans in each state.

The Hemp Construction Industries across each American state and the World will collaborate to build these homes. They will be well built structures based on the development capabilities available in each area. Interior design will promote an affluent and comfortable lifestyle to help retrain the mindset of the individual to become what they see. Psychology will be implemented in the design of the homes in order to support the retraining and reprogramming concept discussed in Phase 2.

 Phase 2: Heal

The second phase of the program will include finding individuals who are homeless and housing them inside these Hemp houses.  The program will never discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national orientation, age, disability or color. All humans will be seen as equal in the eyes of the program because they all bleed red. They will be required to apply for the program as a matter of requiring a paper trail and initial applicants will be chosen based on their expressed desire to heal and improve their lives. Applicants will be found through working with local shelters and organizations that serve the homeless populations as well as advertising to know homeless camps and locations.

The applicants will then be housed in the Hemp Houses.  Houses will be either between one and 4 bedrooms and will house single applicants to families. Each applicant will be assigned a counselor that will work daily and weekly with the individuals to help them heal based on our proprietary program. The applicants will have expectations of behaviors, attendance of therapy sessions and milestones of growth that will be tracked and reported. Each counselor will have a goal of healing these individuals and moving them out into society. There will be no requirements of timeframe but there will be constant support, love, compassion and retraining of life skills available to push the individuals to find their higher purpose and help them to seek to be self-sustainable and move out into other housing. This will allow the program to service others.  

The goal of the program is to HEAL individuals through a Christ centered recovery program and break old patterns of behavior by taking men, women and children through programs such as the Celebrate Recovery 12 Step program and other recovery programs that are focused on building a relationship with Christ not the practice of religion and discovery your higher purpose through mindfulness and meditation. Individuals are not required to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to be accepted into the program or to experience the healing. We are confident though that as they develop their walk with God they will see no other way to be set free from the bondage of their past.

Phase 3: Grow

The final phase of the program helps the individuals to Grow not only in Christ and their higher purpose but also in the community around them.  The program will work with community employers in the Hemp farming, processing and retailing sectors to provide jobs for both men and women to build employment skills and social skills.  The program will also provide Childcare Services for those that need care provided for their children while they are at work. Counselors will work closely with employers to identify situations where individuals may need additional healing and provide resources to help the individual walk through that area. The program goal is to build self-sustainability, strength and wholeness for the individuals in the program so that they may have viable employment, financial management skills, and life skills to ensure a successful future for them.


While many of the details of the program are still under development and are proprietary, the above summary provides a quick overview for how this program will show that Hemp Heals and Hemp is Hope for our vulnerable populations that simply need a hand up.  We understand we may not be able to save everyone but everyone we can help is one more life that living their higher purpose for the Kingdom of God and is healed whole and set free from the bondages that held them back.

If you are interested in helping us achieve this social improvement initiative here in America and in each of her States please reach out to our Founder, Sara Williams at 907-887-6130 or contact@hempforhealthcare.com.

We look forward to building a Hempy, Healthy and Happy Future with you!

Please support this initiative please shop in the Hemp Building Materials Collection! 



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    Is there any house for out of amarica who are really homeless or survive on rent houses and who are really not amarican citizen?

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