How Industrial Hemp Will Revolutionize Alaska's Economy

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How Industrial Hemp Will Revolutionize Alaska's Economy

50,000 Uses for Industrial Hemp! Who is ready to help me make the recipe book for them all?

Welcome to Alaska's Future Green Economy of Hemp. Take a look at the infographic and find 5 products that you use on a daily basis. Mine are cosmetics💄 my car 🚗 and gasoline ⛽ clothing 👕👖🧣🧤🧥🧦👗👜🥾 and food 🍞🥞🍔🍟🍦 What were yours?

Now think about the plastic, paper, or even metal packaging that those products come in. 🥤🥡🛢📄🗞🧴 Think about the boxes those products are shipped in. 📦 Think about the trucks 🚛 or boats ⛴ or airplanes ✈ and fuel ⛽ that powers those delivery vehicles...ALL of it can be made out of Hemp. 

This infographic shows you the potential ways that Hemp can create the every day things you use. But what is Hemp? Let's start with what Hemp is absolutely NOT. While the leaf may look the same, Hemp cannot alter your mind and have psychoactive effects like its cousin cannabis or "marijuana" can that possesses and is grown predominantly for THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol). Instead Industrial Hemp is grown for food, fiber, biomass, and seed oil but also medicine in the form of CBD (Cannabidiol). The cannabis and Hemp plants both possess cannabinoids that are scientifically proven supplements to our own endocannabinoid systems that our Creator created the human and animal species with. The key to defining it as true medicine is finding the right cannabinoid combination for the human or animal in need which can take much trial and error at this time. Same leaf much different uses.

Hemp is Hope for Alaska's Future.

The state of Alaska needs an economic Revolution. The state currently counts on oil revenues and tourism to fuel the economy. Both of which could become very volatile in a short amount of time leaving Alaskans without options and the desperate need to leave our beautiful state to find jobs. Hemp is the answer to changing all of that. Hemp provides an opportunity for Alaskans to grow and create ALL of the products that they use on a daily basis out of Hemp. ALL OF THEM.

This is GREAT AND POWERFUL NEWS for Alaska. We are a state that deeply depends on other states and countries to send us everything our people use. We have 4 days of food in our state. If there is an emergency that impacts the arrival of a barge our people could start starving and there would be mass hysteria. Now is the time to create a future where Alaskans can stand strong in knowing that their people are taken care of because everything they need is provided for by the Hemp industry. But more than that we need to support Alaskan grown produce so that we can guarantee a safe and Healthy Future for Alaskans across our state that is free of pesticides and artificial ingredients in our food supply. 

The Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska Platform 

Alaska deserves a healthy future for her people, her economy and most of all for her children. As the Hemp industry comes online one way that the Hemp industry can give back powerfully to the people of Alaska is to be a funding source for Healthcare for all Alaskan residents. This funding source funded both through a tax on biomass and profits from this website where Hemp products will be dropshipped to your doorstep will go towards the funding of Facilities of Healing for our people. As a society we must come together and decide that a healthy future is better than the one we have now. We must be willing to band together for a common cause of self-sustainability and to make healthier choices in our food supply and what we choose to put in our bodies so that as a people we may grow together and build a fantastic future for ourselves and our children and many generations of future Alaskans to come.

The Visionary: Sara Marie Williams

I am honored to be chosen by God Almighty to be given this idea and to serve Alaskans by fighting for a successful Hemp industry in Alaska and to create a sustainable future for Alaska that believes that Healthcare is a human right and all people at all ages and income levels deserve access to quality healthcare that is mind, body and soul focused on healing the human by whatever therapies necessary.

As a people at the pioneering stage of this journey we are blessed to be given the opportunity to bring financial freedom and self sustainability to Alaska with Hemp and create a Healthcare System that puts the patients over profits.

I'm looking for 3 types of people RIGHT NOW!

1. Industry Pioneers. My Growers who will help me create a solid foundation for the Alaskan Hemp Industries. Next, my Producers who will look around and see a need and fill that need with a Hemp based, earth saving product. Don't worry about retailing it. I've got that plan covered.

2. Innovators and Early Adopters. Those of you who love to try new earth saving products and give feedback so we can build a Hemptastic database of customer reviews of what Hemp products work and what doesn't. 

3. Finally, I need my medical professionals who are sick of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and simply want to heal the whole person. Those of you who are ready to work on a reasonable salary or hourly wage to help heal the people. I need your help to create my Facilities of Healing.

If you are ready to help me bring about a revolutionized economy here in Alaska and a Healthy Future for Alaska please contact me at or +1-907-887-6130 Call/Text/WhatsApp 

If you would like to donate to my mission please do so here: or CashApp $Hemp4Healthcare or on Venmo @Hemp4Healthcare.

Looking forward to saving the Great State of Alaska with you,

Sara Marie Williams, Founder Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska 


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