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IT IS FINALLY HERE! What is here?  The job opening for the brand new Division of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Division that I wrote a cover letter for 14 months ago! (See original post here) 

Let me tell you how it all happened...after I sent that first cover letter on August 7, 2019 and Governor Dunleavy decided to approve the funding for the industry after a great deal of lobbying! I was watching every day for the job announcement and constantly checking in to see if they were hiring. The industry launched on April 4th of 2020 and the job was still not there and all summer where I called on Farmers to get them interested in the industry, where I posted videos to build education, where I posted diligently on social media to build my connections and toiled away on Zoom calls with Hemp professionals all over the World...the job was STILL NOT POSTED so I honestly gave up looking every day.

So here is what happened. I have been trying for 2 weeks to get ahold of the Director of the Plant Materials center via email to get some questions answered about how to properly endorse the thousands of products that currently exist in our state and how to do it quickly and work with these companies to get it done easily. We were having troubles getting to the point via email so I asked for a phone call. On October 6th at 3:05pm I called the Plant Materials Center to speak with the Director, the receptionist answered the phone and she said he was in interviews. And in that moment I felt the atmosphere shift and the next words that came out of my mouth were not from me but instead the Holy Spirit.

My mouth said "Oh, are you hiring?"

She said, "What are you looking for?"

I said, "The Hemp Division! That's my dream job!"

She said, "Oh! That's been posted and it closes next week!"



I couldn't believe it!  Finally my absolute dream job has been posted! I was so excited when I hung up the phone!  I instantly started declaring that the job was mine and that I was created for it! The thing is this job is not to build my resume but to execute the vision I have for Alaska! It is my calling, my mission, and my purpose, not just an employment opportunity of which I need right now too.

The Lord works in details too because later that night when I checked my email I learned that the Director had emailed me just 10 minutes before the time I had called the Center.  God is so good!

So below you will see the Cover Letter that I will submit this week with my transcripts of my Bachelor's in Political Science, Master's in Business Administration and hopefully Letters of Support from Government Officials that have been witness to my passionate and diligent support of this industry! Thank you for your support of me!


I am honored and very excited to apply for this position. This position is a dream come true for me and I pray that I am able to properly articulate the ways in which I am an ideal candidate for this position.

Since 2014 I have been an advocate for the legalization and normalization of cannabis and hemp in our state. Since 2017 I have turned my primary focus to Industrial Hemp for Alaska. Over the past 2 years I have diligently worked to educate the people and government officials, build interest in the industry and help industry players to make connections to create profitable relationships that build innovation and advance their success.

My background is a total and complete fit for what this position needs to be successful. My educational history with a Political Science Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Business Administration sets me up for balancing both reporting elements of this position whether it be working with government or the public and Hemp businesses.

I have also been a Cannabis Consultant in Alaska since 2016 and have assisted 8 cannabis businesses with writing applications, obtaining proper licensing, navigating the regulations, creating operating agreements and developing responsible business practices. I can accurately review applications and product endorsements as well as provide consistent suggestions for improvement of the industry and ways to remove regulatory barriers while still maintaining public safety. I have taken businesses in the cannabis space from concept to reality and now want to do that with the Hemp industry as well.

As Chair of the Marijuana Advisory Committee for the Matanuska Susitna Borough, I gained experience in working with a team to develop, review, and submit for public comment regulations that will govern and guide an industry. I also gained experience through my advocacy of working with public leaders and government officials to educate them and influence their choices towards my vision.

My previous experience as an Instructor provided me with exceptional skills at developing training programs and curriculum using computers and PowerPoint, and delivering them with enthusiasm and effectiveness.  Additionally, I have successfully built a social media presence and recorded video content that has educated individuals about Hemp, the regulations and how it will help provide self-sustainability for Alaska. I am an excellent communicator and wordsmith and can communicate effectively in person, by phone and over email. I have also built an extensive network of Hemp farmers, processors and retailers from other states that will lend their knowledge to the building of our industry.

I am trustworthy with monetary responsibilities. My previous employment history both at Washington Mutual Bank as a vault teller and most recently at Subway displays that I can be trusted with receiving funds, accounting for them accurately, and processing them safely. I am a friendly and adaptable person with a deep commitment to the success of the Hemp industry which makes me successful at relating to a variety of individuals and business types within the Hemp industry and without.

I am a self-starter with a burning desire to see this industry succeed for the people of Alaska. I am an innovator that listens to others input and creates new programs or solutions to problems. I am dedicated to balancing the need for a regulated industry with the entrepreneurial desires of the public to begin Hemp businesses. I am organized and detail-orientated and understand that every document, word and every punctuation mark matters when setting standards for a brand new industry and making history in Alaska.

I am committed to creating a successful Hemp industry where we all play by the same rules and to create rules that are not stifling to success but rather supportive and provide guidance that creates public safety, quality products and continued profits for farmers, processors and retailers. Together, we can build a better and greener future for our state and Hemp is the answer!

Thank you for your review of my application and your consideration of me for this position.  I am waiting ever so impatiently to hear from you to schedule an interview and can be reached at 907-887-6130.


Sara M. Williams

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