Industrial Hemp for Prisons in Alaska

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Industrial Hemp for Prisons in Alaska

Originally published on September 23, 2019 this article outlines my plans to heal our prison populations and turn them into contributing members of society even as they walk out their healing from their crimes. 

Industrial Hemp for Prisons in Alaska.

Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska

Industrial Hemp Pilot Program for Prison Populations

Objective: To heal those members of our populations who have committed crimes at all levels of severity and rehabilitate them into productive members of society who give back to the continued improvement and advancement of our society both from inside the walls of incarceration facilities and outside after they are released.

How Do We Accomplish This?

The Industrial Hemp Pilot Program for Prison Populations is a 4 Phase Program.

Grow, Process, Sell, Heal.

First, we teach prisoners to GROW Industrial Hemp with whatever space is available on Institution Lands both indoors and outdoors.

Second, we teach prisoners to PROCESS Industrial Hemp into biodegradable plastics or biofuel on Institutional Lands.

Third, we teach prisoners to market and SELL Industrial Hemp through the E-Commerce Platform. The profits will be taxed at 20% for the Healthcare Fund and the remaining used to fund room, board and healing strategies.

Finally, we provide prisoners the freedom to work together to create their own healing strategies by using the profits gained in this enterprise to purchase good foods, healing books, therapists, classes, and events for the prisoners.

Why Should This Be Done?

Humans who express their pain through the act of committing a crime deserve to be healed from their pain. At this time, prisoners are a drain on society however, by implementing this program we will not only create a way for inmates to give back to the societies that support them but also create self sustainable enterprises that can focus on the real need to heal the men and women who end up in the criminal justice system.

This program will teach the communities to work together on projects of business success and give them a voice in how the money is spent in everything from food, to living arrangements and healing strategies. Empower prisoners to have a reason to heal and lessen their time in jail as well as prepare them for success on the outside by teaching valuable business management and business success skills in the Hemp industry. As the Hemp industry comes online around the country this program will prepare inmates for jobs around the country and even the World.

This program will teach valuable skills in horticulture, processing, chemistry, packaging, marketing, business management and development, sales, transportation and the value of working on a team towards a common mission.

What Will This Cost?

This number is unknown as each facility will be different in how they grow, process, and manage their businesses but the costs can be kept low by transparency and using second hand equipment and green energy strategies such as devoting a portion of the hemp grown and processed for fuel to feed the heating needs of the operation.

However, this program will create more jobs for Alaska in the Administration of the Program space and will rehabilitate our inmates into successful members of society. It is worth the investment to help inmates build self sustainable facilities that are dedicated to healing and rehabilitation.

This can also be a private enterprise instead of a Government controlled operation. In fact, it is preferred that the program is managed and controlled privately with funding coming from the Government until it becomes a self sustainable operation.

How Can You Help This Become a Reality?

At this time, this is an idea. This idea needs supporters and investors to become a workable program for the State of Alaska’s inmates. Please reach out to me at 1-907-887-6130 or to discuss how you can help achieve this unique program for the State of Alaska and help heal the prison population.

Sara Marie Williams, Founder, Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska. 

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