It's a New Day and New Beginning and I Need Your Help!

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It's a New Day and New Beginning and I Need Your Help!

It's another day.
Hemp remains Hope for the future of Alaska and of America.
Hemp remains a funding source for Healthcare for All of us.

How many of you struggle with being on state benefits and staying stuck there for fear of making too much money and losing your health insurance?
How many of you fear losing your job with benefits?
How many of you fear sickness and illness and accidents because you have no health insurance?

Hemp for Healthcare in America and Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska advocate for a Healthcare for All system that is State Centralized and paid for through the growing of, processing of, and selling of Hemp and Hemp products on

This unique approach creates an opportunity for us to pay for a socialistic benefit using a capitalistic approach. When you add the Industrial Hemp Prison Program and the Hemp Houses for the Homeless you find that we must choose to use our dollars for good. To turn the profits made from products we purchase back into the growing and the building of sustainable communities and healthy people.
It begins at the bottom. In your own hometown and your home state. COVID taught us that we can't depend on global trade in the Pandemic. We must build solid communities and remove this belief that we must keep people in poverty and control but instead let them be free to live their highest purpose and their best selves.

We can bring about Healthcare for All Americans and heal our people. We can bring about Green Infrastructure for America. We can create a better future than what we have right now. But YOU must be where it starts.

Making purchases on helps me advocate at a more powerful and noticeable level. I can advertise, create better videos and content, pay for operating expenses and travel, and get the message out to more people and start changing hearts one Alaskan and one American at a time. But I need your donations, sponsorships, and sales.

Please consider donating at or even through Facebook Pay directly to me or #buyhemp on
Together we will #SaveAmerica and #SaveAlaska. Together we will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #MakeAlaskaGreatAgain with Hemp!

Support my efforts also on Patreon at
Thank you for your support. To my loyal supporters. I can't do this without you and you have taken me this far and every dollar you give gives me tear-filled joy-filled HOPE that we will see a victory! I love you all! Thank you!

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