Mr. President!  Please Slow Down! Oil is still needed!

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Mr. President! Please Slow Down! Oil is still needed!

Hey, Alaskans and Americans in the Oil Industry!

Try to stay calm!  I don't agree with Joe Biden's statement of "They can just go find jobs elsewhere." WHERE!?!?

The decision to shut down a pipeline has human consequences attached to it. I fully support the ending of fossil fuel use you know that BUT....instead advocate for the replacement of them with Hemp, biofuels, and green energy and build that infrastructure and those jobs BEFORE you just throw people out on the streets by shutting down pipelines and ruining their livelihood. So we must develop our country more not put the cart before the horse. 

Please Mr. President be more compassionate in how you execute your plans.  There is a human cost here and there are more responsible ways to do it that won't hurt so many of your American people's lives. Take responsibility.

A move like this will cause people to be more dependent on the government, people will go hungry and lose homes, an increase in mental health demonization and suicides as well...unless that is your plan Mr. President.

Yes, we must move away from Oil.  That I get and that I support but what we must also do is do it responsibly and care about the lives you were elected to protect.

Please go to and support my mission to #saveamerica and Save Alaska with Hemp!  Together we can build a new economy that better for all of us.  I can't do it without you! 

Much love and Happy Monday!

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