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Brought to you by Matt Marino with Homeland Hemp Company in Bismark, North Dakota this article gives you an excellent introduction into why building with Hemp will provide self-sustainability for our planet and improve the health of our people and planet. Support his company by purchasing Sample DIY Kits, Hempcrete Art and even a Hemp Cookbook provided by his wife Samantha Marino on

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This past week, our team has been busy contacting farmers across Alaska to see who is interested in growing industrial hemp. We're delighted to say there's been a lot of interest! However, a general theme is a lack of understanding of how to get started growing hemp. This article offers primary education on soil, fertilizing, permits and processes, and specifics on the three different types of hemp you can cultivate for – fiber, seeds, or CBD.

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Did you know hemp is being used to replace plastic, cotton, concrete, fuel, and paper? Check out our blog to see how hemp will revolutionize our lives for a cleaner, healthier future.

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Welcome to the New World Order.

Like an invisible thief COVID19 came into our lives and stole the lives we once knew. It disrupted the entire global economy and yet exposed how connected as a human species and as a state we are.

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Have You Heard About Hemp? 

It's pretty amazing and world changing and as Jack Herer said “I don't know if Hemp is going to save the world but it's the only thing that can”. If you are a policy maker and leader of your people then you need to learn everything you can about the Hemp plant because Hemp is Hope for the future of Alaska and the World. 

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