Welcome to 2020! Now Let's Go Save The World!

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Welcome to 2020! Now Let's Go Save The World!

Good Morning Esteemed Citizens of the Planet. My name is Sara Marie Williams and I am the Founder of Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska and an Illuminati member. I welcome you to the new decade. 2020 has arrived and with her a dawning of a new age. 

The time has come to put down our weapons and seek a better future for all of humanity. The time has come to fight for what unites us instead of fighting about what divides us. The people of our planet have awakened to the evils of pollution, poverty, war and human trafficking. The people are done with allowing mass corruption, greed and classism to continue to destroy humanity and the future of the human species.

Look to the nearest human being to you. No matter their color, race, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, who they call God or political party they have one vitally important thing in common with you; they bleed red. Everything else about them is unique to the culture they were born in and the programming of the life they have lived and thoughts they have believed.

Their life is as precious and priceless as yours and they serve a divine purpose on this planet just as you do. No human has a right to take the life of another human at any age unless that human has given you express permission to take their life. That is the freedom we must all respect and live into in the coming age.

Let me not sugarcoat this for you. Demons are real and spiritual warfare is a daily battle. The Destroyer has done a fine job of creating evil on this planet so deeply entrenched into our generational behavior patterns that it will take a miracle of healing to overcome it but I know we can.

In my own testimony, by the power of opening my heart to Jesus Christ and repenting for my sins and seeking true soul healing did I learn how to break the generational curses of abuse, pedophilia, pornography, witchcraft and even homosexuality in my life.

The World needs healing. Healing in our planet will come by mass production of Hemp as an industrial crop as a replacement for plastics, oil and lumber along with Pharmaceuticals. We need healing in our people. We must awaken them to the truth. The truth that healing is possible and it won't be found in a substance or in a sexual experience. It can only be found through the development of a relationship with their Creator.

In any given moment, you as a human being, can change. You can change a thought. You can change your behavior. You can change an action. You can change. And to save Humanity we must all change. We must stop seeing each other as separate, as "me" and "them" and begin to see the unity in all life on this planet and begin to create a global "Us".

An "Us" with a shared value system that the well-being of our people is more important than the greed of quick profits.

An "Us" that sees the education of our children and people as an imperative mission requirement that is funded first.

An "Us" that sees quality and comprehensive Healthcare as a vital human right no matter the ability to pay.

An "Us" that sees the protection and healing of our planet as a necessary requirement for the future of our species to have a place to call home.

An "Us" that sees War for what it is. War is a liar that would have us believe there isn't enough for all people in all places to live in abundance. There is plenty if we learn to share like good children of God.

Finally, an "Us" that will no longer support poverty, human trafficking, pedophilia and artificial ingredients in our food or medicine supplies.

We must change. We must mature as a species. We must take responsibility for the mess we are in collectively and work together to repair the damage.

A new decade has been born. The Roaring 20s are upon us again and instead of celebrating with debauchery and intoxication let's buckle down and chase after our healing and higher purpose. Uproot our past and reprogram for a healthier future for our people and our planet.

My Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska program will heal our economy and then our people. I encourage you all to follow my lead and implement my initiatives. Together we will lift Us up from this Darkness into the Light of a brighter future for all of humanity. Please contact me at 1-907-887-6130 or hempforhealthcare@gmail.com if you would like to invest in or help me achieve a better future for our planet with Hemp.

Now is the time to take action and unify for the future of this planet, the children, and the generations that have not yet been born. Join me and fight for a healthy future for Alaska and the World.

Looking forward to saving the planet with you,
Sara Marie Williams
Founder, Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska
Follow the Light here: www.illuminatiofficial.org

Three things will last forever:
Faith, Hope and Love
and the greatest of these is Love.
1 Cornithians 13:13 -The Holy Bible


  • Ogunsanya Adebowale

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  • Enrique Zamora

    Hola yo también quiero ayudar
    La especie humana tiene que dar el paso al cambio para bien de todos yo quiero dar mi paso hacia lo bueno por mi mi familia por mis hijas quiero cambiar

  • Aaron

    Greetings from Ghana and am wishing Happy New year too.
    Am very happy to read this important massage and I wish to be part of project.

  • Phillip McCombs

    This is great writing

  • Phillip McCombs

    This is a great writing

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