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Hemp for Healthcare is excited to partner with Hemptopia out of Oregon to offer another great Hemp product for you!

We are excited to offer 33lbs of Hemp Hurd for $60.00 with shipping included to the lower 48! This product is great for mulch and making hempcrete and animal bedding!

What do we use Hemp Hurd for?
We build with it!
Hempcrete: Hemp hurd, lime, and water combine to make ideal insulative material. Hempcrete has the idealistic properties of natural humidity control, carbon sequestering and fire, pest, and mold resistance.
Our animals use it!
Hemp Animal Bedding has a very high absorption capacity and is an excellent bedding product for horses, chicken and rabbits. Moisture, odors and ammonia are swiftly absorbed.
Your garden needs it!
Soil remediation: Known as phytoremediation which is a process where contaminants are absorbed by the fast-growing roots of the cannabis plant which stores or, in some cases, transforms toxins into a harmless substance. 
Coverage Use: 16 oz/1lbs = 1square foot 1 inch thick

Product Specifications: 1kg equals approx. 1 square foot (2.2 pounds to 1kg)
Dimensions: 32 X 15 X 8  Inches

Material: Hemp Hurd 
Particle Density: ρ = 1.178 g/cm3 
Bulk Density: ρ = 0.152 g/cm3 
Moisture Content: 10% 
Fiber Content: <3%
100% Compostable 


If you are looking for baled bags order here and we'll get you hooked up! This is also available by the pallet and wholesale pricing! If you need to pay with a credit card please text us or call us and we'll get your order processed! Contact Sara at 907-887-6130 or contact@hempforhealthcare.com

Remember that your purchase goes to support our efforts to advocate for Hemp in Alaska and America and work towards and a Healthcare for All system. Please #buyhemp on HempforHealthcare.com and come live the #hemplife with us! 

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