Hemp Building Materials

The time has come to stop the deforestation of our planet and Build with Hemp! Homeland Hemp Company out of North Dakota is a leading provider of Hemp Building Materials and Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska is excited to partner with them to provide access for our customers to Hempcrete and a wealth of knowledge about how to Build with Hemp!

Why Build with Hemp?

Every person deserves the opportunity to live in high quality and healthy home, HomelandHempcrete's goal is to give people that opportunity.

Their mission is to build superior homes made from hemp. These homes will perform better than traditional homes, provide a healthier environment for the occupants, and leave the earth in a better place for our future generations.
Hemp Homes Are:
  • Highly energy efficient (so much so that you can often forgo a traditional HVAC system if you so choose)
  • The walls breathe which means you will get consistent air exchange without ventilation as well the ability to absorb and shed moisture so mold will never be a problem.
  • Almost completely recyclable. That's right since their standard home is made from wood, hempcrete, with a steel roof, you can recycle the steel, use the wood frame for heating, and reuse the hemp in a fresh batch of hempcrete to build another structure.

Additionally, Homeland Hempcrete is working with Hemp Wood providers to create a complete Hemp House. 

Hempcrete and Hempwool as building materials also offers:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • An Effective and Safe Insulation Option
  • Flame, Water and Pest Resistance
  • Durability for 100's of years
  • Free of Toxins and Chemicals

Homeland Hemp Company also offers Hands-on Training and Education about building using Hemp. 

Contact https://www.homelandhempcrete.com/ for a Consultation on how to Build with Hemp!