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Offered by Homeland Hemp Company this Hempcrete Block Sample makes an excellent piece of Hemp Art to display your commitment to stopping deforestation of our planet by using Hemp as a building material instead! It comes in 4 different colors and natural as well. Order today to support our efforts to revolutionize the economy of Alaska with Hemp and build Hemp Houses for the Homeless here in Alaska!

Materials: Hemp Hurd, Hempcrete

Description: Hempcrete is made from hemp, lime, and water. 

This mini desk toy sized hempcrete block is a fun way to get your hands on some hempcrete. It is approximately 2"x2" inches (not including the base) and is set on top of a hemp plastic platform with the logo on it (Contact directly if you are interested in having different words printed on your cube, for an additional fee). 

Available in natural pigment color options.

Why hempcrete? Hempcrete is a non-toxic, highly insulate, mold free, carbon negative material that is is just now starting to be used to build homes in the US. 

Homeland Hempcrete is based out of Bismarck North Dakota and have started to build dwellings out of hempcrete, but this is a fun way for us to start to spread the message about hempcrete and its potential. We also offer other DIY kits as well as raw materials!