Hemp Clothing


Hemp is far superior to cotton and as we seek to create a better future for this planet we must stop using materials that harm our planet. Why should we buy and grow Hemp instead of Cotton?

Check out this blog excerpt from one of our suppliers, Greenz:

"To speak the truth boldly, hemp is superior to cotton in a myriad of ways. In this short article, I will be covering three reasons why hemp trumps cotton & why choosing ethical & sustainable brands can change the planet.


Many people are not fully aware of the process commonly known as "Phytoremediation". To break it down simply, plants like sunflowers & hemp rejuvenate the soil which it sprouts in. Through aiding in the process of "Phytoremediation" plants remove toxins/chemicals from the soil that accrue from pollution (Factory Farming, Pesticides, Inorganic Waste, Heavy Metals) and either neutralize or destroy the chemicals in the process. 

Imagine what we could do if we were to plant more Hemp around the world. Especially in areas of radiation, conventionally farmed land & dead soil areas? We could stabilize entire eco-systems with plants like hemp, but conventionally grown cotton does not solve any problems but merely creates them.

2. Pesticides

Hemp requires NO pesticides to be grown. Hemp is naturally resistant to most pests which allow for it to be grown EXTREMELY easily, especially when the intention to grow the plant is for industrial usages, like the Hemp we use in our Greenz products. 

Once again, conventionally grown cotton is causing a lot of problems behind the scenes. Cotton is currently said to be using 16% of the world's pesticides in TOTAL. That is about 1/6th of the world's pesticide usage, specifically for this one crop. This shows that it is NOT a sustainable process & causes a lot of pollution of our freshwater supplies & soil.

3. Water

Hemp uses 50% less water per season to grow vs. conventional cotton. Secondly, during the manufacturing process hemp also uses four times less water than hemp to yield similar amounts of usable fiber. The most IMPORTANT part of this to understand is the FACT that hemp requires no pesticides to be grown, which thus drastically reduces the impact of pesticide runoff/waste that ends up in our water supplies through conventionally grown cotton/polyester. 

So simply put HEMP IS BETTER FOR OUR PLANET! Wear Clean Clothing! Invest in a Healthy Future for our Planet! 

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