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7/06/2020 Job Posting

Commissioned Sales and Marketing Representative for Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska

Are you ready to be a part of the revolutionizing of Alaska’s economy and creating Economic Independence and Self-Sustainability for our state? Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska is looking for self-starting, motivated, driven, visionary and creative individuals who will sell Hemp and Healthcare products not only here in Alaska but around the World to help fund the initiative that will revolutionize Alaska’s economy and create a new Healthcare system for all Alaskans.

This position is commission only paid off of sales of World Changing and World Saving products such as Hemp Biodegradable Drinking Straws, Hemp Foods, Hemp Mattresses, HempWood Pens, Hemp Masks and Textiles and a variety of new Hemp and plant-based products added often. Training is provided. Internet Connection Required.

Position Duties:

Sell and Market Products in Alaska and Worldwide

Develop professional relationships with businesses, healthcare professionals and community members

Utilize excellent social skills to close sales and provide value for customers

Motivate and self-start sales plans and marketing strategies

Locate and Secure relationships with suppliers of World Changing and Planet Saving products to increase the offering at HempforHealthcare.com

Promote in person or online through social media the products that are found at HempforHealthcare.com

Build and maintain a professional and trusted presence and rapport for Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska Visit HempforHealthcare.com to learn more about the mission to save Alaska with Hemp.

Send Cover Letter and Resume to hempforhealthcareinak@gmail.com. 

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