Classic Hemp T-Shirt

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 Hemp for Healthcare is excited to partner with and support the Greenz team who is driven to ethically produce the best organic hemp apparel for the world. 

What we have been wearing, has devastated our environment. Our mission is to set a new standard of ethics within the fashion industry. Take a stand with us, together we'll create a sustainable future. Learn more about Greenz here.

Help support the Hemp for Healthcare mission by ordering your Hemp Apparel here and Greenz will ship you your order! Some shirts may be on backorder. Please be patient as their product is in high demand!

Check out these amazing Hemp blend T-Shirts! Order Today! Help us save the planet with Hemp and support a World-Changing American based company! 

Classic Hemp T-Shirt Benefits:

- Anti-Microbial / Moisture Wicking
- Unisex / Organic / Eco Friendly
- Hypoallergenic / Thermoregulating
- 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton