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Hemp for Healthcare is excited to be an affiliate of Eco Gloves to offer you this product! Please visit here to order:

Fight the spread of germs and viruses with individually packed eco-friendly gloves that you can take on the go! Eco Gloves Individually Packed Compostable Gloves are clear, lightweight, and made from 100% biobased materials with Advanced Biopolymer Technology (ABT) to help them breakdown even faster. Each bag contains 24 packets and each packet comes with a two-glove set so you can easily fit these Eco Gloves in your purse, pocket, wallet for use anywhere you go! It’s never been easier to stay clean and healthy with Eco Gloves.


For sanitary handling of public areas, preparing and handling food and raw meats (Certified Food Grade), household cleaning, diaper changing, pet care, automotive detailing, crafting, hair dyeing, gardening, handling of dirty or messy items, and much more. Available as One Size Fits Most gloves, these Eco Gloves™  are perfect for everyone.


  • 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • Individually packed, lightweight, and portable 
  • 24 Packets per bag (2 gloves per packet)
  • Plant-based, eco-friendly, & safer for the environment
  • Food Grade Compliant
  • Latex, powder, BPA free & hypoallergenic
  • Extra thick, durable, tear and leak-resistant
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Textured, ambidextrous, with embossed Texture for better grip
  • One size fits most - See images for glove size reference.

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