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The crops must still be planted! Thanks to East Coast Hemp Companies we can bring seeds and clones to you at affordable pricing! Shipping is paid separately and calculated after purchase. 

During a time of national crisis, the American Farmer is needed more than ever. Millions of Americans are depending on the Hemp Farmers of the nation to plant this year. They depend on the compassionate relief of CBD and hemp as well as look forward to products like toilet paper, plastics, and building materials. Planting time is coming up fast. East Coast Hemp Companies understands how hard the coronavirus has affected us all, especially the farmer. That is why we are offering a compassionate relief sale in honor of launching Alaska's newest industry!  

Bryce Mallory, Sales Broker at East Coast Hemp Company is an Army veteran and a 20-year communication tower veteran. He has been brokering Hemp for East Coast for about a year now. He has been a long time and consistent supporter of the Hemp for Healthcare initiative and he is your Cannabis Hustler Extraordinaire to help you plant your fields for the seasons ahead.  

With these plants, the genetics description, CoA’s,  fem/germ test and prices speak for themselves. All clones and seeds are propagated in the 7-acre space that is leased inside an even larger 50-acre state of the art growing facility  East Coast is very proud to boast that their feminized seeds have come back with 100% germination rate and nearly unprecedented 100% feminization rate. They will guarantee a 99% fem rate and a 95% germination rate!

Pricing for Clones Normally :

Regular Price –

1-9,999 Clones : $2.85. each

10,000 – 49,999 Clones : $2.70 each

50,000 – 199,999 Clones : $2.55 each

200,000 – 999,999 Clones : $2.40 each

1,000,000 – 4,999,999 Clones : $2.25 each

5,000,000 Clones ++ : $2.20 each


$2.20 per clone. Any Quantity!!!

Pricing for Seeds Normally:

Regular Price -

1-3,999 Seeds : $1.40 each

4,000 – 9,999 Seeds : $0.70 each

10,000 – 99,999 Seeds : $0.55 each

100,000 Seeds : $0.50 each


 $0.42 cents per seed. No minimum order!!!

Shipping is calculated after purchase and will show as Free on the Order here.  You will be contacted by a Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska representative to finalize the order and gather details of which genetics you need! Contact us at 907-887-6130 or hempforhealthcareinak@gmail.com with questions.

Thank you so much for supporting our mission to revolutionize Alaska's economy with Hemp and to provide self-sustainability for our people. As a Hemp Farmer, you are the roots of the industry that we need to save Alaska. Please contact us to help you succeed. Our consulting partners are ready to help you achieve success! Now let's plant a better future for our state!