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Hemp for Healthcare is proud to support CBD Seed Co and offer this 14 Seed Starter Pack of the Cherry HD strain that is registered as an Accepted Variety in the State of Alaska. Shipping is INCLUDED on this product. 

Please visit https://www.cbdseedco.com to place a bulk order of these genetics and please let them know you found them on HempforHealthcare.com!

Cherry HD High-CBD Hemp Seeds

Cherry HD is a fast-growing CBD hemp strain with a planting density of between 3000 - 4000 plants per acre. Though the plants are smaller than many other hemp varieties, they more than make up for it with their incredible durability and impressive yield. Cherry HD plants produce heavy colas with dense resin throughout the fragrant flower.

Cherry HD produces high cannabinoid and terpene levels in about eight weeks after flowering. She regularly tests at around 10 percent CBD content with less than .3 percent THC in most cases. She also produces up to two percent or more CBC. As a phototropic plant, Cherry HD requires the proper lighting time and density to flower. Farmers can expect to harvest outdoor Cherry HD in September; indoor farmers will harvest between 48 and 53 days after flowering begins.

As a potent CBD hemp strain, Cherry HD offers many benefits. The flavorful experience leads to relaxation and full-body pain-relief without any intoxication. The flavor profile, including fruit, musk, and pine, work synergistically with the plant’s cannabinoid profile to reduce pain and stress and help improve focus.

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