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America is at a precipice of change.  A time in history where the choices we have made since the founding of our country have lead to a sick planet and a population that is broken, sick, poverty ridden and one paycheck or disability away from homelessness or incarceration. The American way of life has been built upon a capitalist mentality of profits over planet and people and a Healthcare system that glorifies the same.

The time has come for change. Radical change. Both in how we approach consumerism on our planet and Healthcare for our people. America has been a leader and a superpower in launching new innovations and now we are being called to create global change that is good for the planet and the people.

Introducing the answer to bringing economic revival of America and her states and healing to her people. 

Hemp for Healthcare is revolutionizing America's economy and her States’ economies with Hemp.  Together we will build a better future for America by providing earth-friendly and environmentally conscientious alternatives to the product options currently available on the market.  Publicly funded and owned, together we execute a social impact and improvement profit model.

All profits generated on are dedicated to the advancement of three state-specific social work initiatives of the Hemp for Healthcare in America brand.

1. Create a State-Funded Healthcare for All System for the States of the United States of America
2. Advance and Implement the Industrial Hemp Prison Program Nationwide
3. Build Hemp Houses for the Homeless Nationwide and Heal Our People

Our mantra: Healing America and Her People One Hemp Plant at a Time.

We do this by providing the people with Hemp products that help them live healthier lives while also healing our planet and our people. As well as placing a reasonable tax on Hemp biomass to fund the Healthcare Fund.

Help us revolutionize the economy of the United States of America and bring about tangible economic independence and self sustainability for our states to help fund a State Centralized Healthcare for All System!

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Why America is Broken Beyond Repair to Her Old Self

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Welcome to the Future of Alaska with Hemp!

Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska is proud to offer the real Hemp Straw that will help save our planet from the 500 million plastic drinking straws that enter our environment daily! Get 10 FREE HEMP STRAWS! JUST PAY SHIPPING COSTS!

These straws are BIODEGRADABLE and compostable and are entirely plant based ingredients of Hemp, cane sugar and cornstarch. 

All proceeds from these straws go towards helping our efforts to revolutionize Alaska's economy with Hemp and fund a new Healthcare system for Alaska. 

Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska is raising money to be a 501(c)(3) (Pending Approval) Non-Profit Organization that is fighting to create a self sustainable Alaska with Hemp products and create a new Healthcare system that is patient centered and healing focused.

Patients over profits!

All profits from purchases on the website go towards our efforts to support a successful Hemp industry and in time change the Alaskan Constitution so that Alaskans can direct their tax revenue to causes they value such as a Healthcare Fund that pays for Healthcare for all Alaskan residents in comprehensive mind, body and soul healing Facilities.

Thank you for your support in helping us create a Healthy Alaska! Please consider adding a $5.00 or more donation to your order.

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