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Welcome to Alaska's Future!

A future full of economic hope, diversification, economic independence and economic self-sustainability. A future full of healthy Alaskans and a healed and whole society where we care for each other and build each other up into our highest purpose.
A green future.
A Healthcare for Everyone future.
A better future for Alaska!
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This mission starts from the Great State of Alaska where our founder, Sara Williams has lived in Alaska for 11 years and resides in Wasilla. Her dream is to see a healed and whole Alaska. This is her vision for Alaska:

I am passionate about serving and supporting a successful Hemp Industry for Alaska. For the past 5 years of my life I have actively advocated for cannabis and hemp in Alaska and specifically have moved my focus to Hemp over the past year.

Through this over 2 year advocacy of Hemp for Healthcare I have organized and executed successful fundraising luncheons to discuss my idea and share with attendees about the laws that legalized Hemp for our state. I have executed successful social media campaigns that educated my 15,000 and growing social media presence about Hemp Facts with foresight that I am attracting investors and pioneers to invest in the Hemp Industries of Alaska. I have self started every day through illness, mental and physical disabilities, homelessness and extreme poverty to continue to advocate for the success of the Hemp Industry in Alaska. Now healed and whole in the name of Jesus Christ I am on fire for not only the Lord but also for helping to create a healed and whole Alaska.

I am committed to serving the people of Alaska and a Greener Future for our State for all the days of my life. Economic diversification is my motivating factor coupled with faith that this industry can provide a tax revenue source across all the variety of products that can be made from automobiles to fuel, plastics to building materials, and food to clothing not to mention the medicinal benefits of Hemp oils. This tax revenue source can pay for Healthcare facilities that will truly heal our humans with a whole human approach that includes mind, body and soul medicine.

Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs

Hemp will create jobs for Alaska. More than we can even fathom at this time but let me give you some examples. A vertically integrated hemp business needs laborers to raise plants, to transplant, water, cut clones, and manicure the weak and lower growth. You'll need processors to harvest, hang, dry and trim the plants. You will need workers to collect and process bio mass stalks or plant material. Then you will need extractors who are knowledgeable in cannabis oil extraction and familiar with closed loop extraction or crude oil extraction. We will need workers experienced in using distillate equipment and to package products, make CBD tinctures and cook gummies. Then people to market and sell in either running brick and mortar stores or websites then workers to box and ship the products out to customers. That’s just for making CBD oils or gummies but think about the possibilities when you make plastics, hemp fuel, hempcrete or something I deeply desire of Hemp made vehicles.

I seek to attract Elon Musk and a Tesla plant to Alaska to make Hemp vehicles that run on Hemp fuel and provide thousands of Alaskans with manufacturing jobs.

But Wait There’s More Jobs

Not only will we find jobs in the actual Hemp Sector but we will find jobs in construction, security, training companies, transportation companies, and infrastructure building as the economy improves and cities are built and growth is experienced for our state. The ancillary support businesses will flourish as well as we’ve seen happen in the Alaskan Cannabis Industry.

Diversified Economy and Tax Revenue for Healthcare

The first phase in my Hemp for Healthcare plan is the E-Commerce website which will begin as a global marketplace for Hemp, Healthcare and eco-friendly products of all categories from building materials and plastic to food and even skateboard wheels. This website will attract global citizens to purchase hemp products from. The orders will be drop shipped to the suppliers and profits will remain in Alaska to fund the building of Facilities of Healing and the Hemp program. As Alaska’s Hemp industry comes online then the products will be traded out for Alaskan grown and made products to be shipped globally. Again profits staying in the state to fund local businesses but also to fund Healthcare facilities and overhead costs to run the program.

As the industry comes online we also will need to call a Constitutional Convention and adapt Article 9 Section 7 of the Constitution to allow funds to be dedicated to specific needs. I believe wholeheartedly that if we levied a state sales tax of 2%, giving Alaskan residents a chance to opt out in each transaction due to poverty reasons, and promised to the residents that tax revenue generated would go towards education that we would have a much more supportive population in crowd funding their government.

Additionally, taxing the Hemp Industry at 10 to 20% of the wholesale price of biomass would provide a tax revenue source that can be directed towards a Healthcare Fund. I suggest a 5% tax break for facilities that dedicate at least 10% of their grow to fruits and vegetables for local communities, thus providing more food security for our state. It also has been suggested that tax is kept at 10% for the first 5 years of each business to support more cash flow to improve business operations and support success.

Finally, 80% of the profits generated at by Alaskans would go back into crowdfunding their own Healthcare System that is publicly owned.

The second and third phases of the initiative include the Industrial Hemp for Prisons Program and the Hemp Houses for the Homeless.

Servant Leadership

I seek to work for the State of Alaska and the Division of Agriculture in the Hemp Division to support a successful Hemp industry in Alaska. I seek to help process applications for registrations, educate on regulations, seek investors for the program, and advocate for the industry statewide. I seek to serve the people of Alaska in this position. My mission is to ensure that every man, woman and child of all ages in Alaska is healthy and has a home and food and the Hemp industry can provide all of those things.

Please invest and innovate within the Alaskan Hemp Industry and be a part of the revolutionizing of Alaska's economy so that we can begin the journey to a Greener and Healthier Future for Alaska with Hemp. I can be contacted at 907-887-6130 or with questions or if you would like to be a part of the efforts.

We are also working on a 37,000 square foot processing plant for Hemp products here in Wasilla. If you would like to be a part of innovating Green Infrastructure for Alaska please reach out!
Support the mission by buying Hemp here on and all profits go towards the advocacy for the mission! Please follow us on Social Media and please spread the word that Hemp is Hope for Alaska's Future!
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